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Stereoscope: The Journal of the Historical Society is published seasonally by the Society, recounting the proceedings of the Society, and often features in-depth articles about the Court's colorful past. Persons interested in submitting articles are invited to contact David Gass (616) 831-1717.
Volume 17 Issue 1 (Spring 2019)
Courts & Lawyers in Grand Rapids - A Look at the Early Years
by Thomas R. Dilley

Volume 16 Issue 1 (Fall 2018)
Solomon Withey's March 29, 1871 Commencement Address to the University of Michigan Law School
by David J. Gass

Volume 15 Issue 2 (Fall 2017)
The First Federal Court in Michigan, 1787 to 1836
by David G. Chardavoyne

Volume 15 Issue 1(Summer 2017)
Claiming Their Place: Pioneering Women of the Law in the Western District of Michigan
by Ruth S. Stevens

Volume 14 Issue 1 (Spring 2016)
The Western District of Michigan, 1863 to 1900
Volume 13 Issue 1 (Spring 2015)
U.S. District Judge Richard Alan Enslen, 1931-2015

Volume 12 Issue 2 (Fall 2014)
The District of Michigan 1837-1863
by David J. Gass
Volume 12 Issue 1 (Spring 2014)
The Eastland Tragedy and The Western District of Michigan
by Bill Jack
Volume 11 Issue 4 (Winter 2013)
In Memoriam: Judge Wendell A. Miles
(April 17, 1916 - July 31, 2013)
Volume 11 Issue 3 (Fall 2013)
In Memoriam: Judge Albert J. Engel
(March 21, 1924 - April 5, 2013)
Volume 11 Issue 2 (Spring 2013)
The Law and Abraham Lincoln
by Richard Norton Smith
Volume 11 Issue 1 (Winter 2013)
150th Celebration of the Western District of Michigan - March 12, 2013
A Brief and Shining Moment: Abraham Lincoln and Latin America
by Patrick E. Mears
Volume 10 Issue 2 (Summer 2012)
Bull Moose Tracks in Marquette, Michigan. An Excerpt From Colonel Roosevelt, by Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Edmund Morris
Introduction by James Mitchell
Volume 10 Issue 1(Winter 2012)
Of American Labor Rights, Labor Relations and Labor Unions
by Patrick E. Mears

Volume 9 Issue 1 (Summer 2011)
The Michigan Trust Company, et al. v. Simmons Company: Julius Amberg Shocks the Simmons Company for Its Looting of the Berkey & Gay Furniture Company
by Patrick E. Mears

Volume 8 Issue 2 (Summer 2010)
Letters to the Editor Issue
by Patrick E. Mears, Journal Editor

Volume 8 Issue 1 (Winter 2010)
From the Palmer Raids to the Bridgman Raid: The Trials of the Nascent American Communist Movement
by Patrick E. Mears

Volume 7 Issue 2 (Winter 2009)
Remembering Judge W. Wallace Kent
by Michael A MacDonald

Volume 7 Issue 1 (Summer 2009)
To Err is Human, To Moo Bovine: The Rose of Aberlone Story
by Norman Otto Stockmeyer

Volume 6 Issue 2 (Winter 2008)
"The Greatest of All Lincoln Club Days"
by Michael A. MacDonald

Volume 6 Issue 1 (Summer 2008)
Reflections at the Service and Celebration for the Hon. Stephen W. Karr
by the Hon. Hugh W. Brenneman, Jr.

Volume 5 Issue 4 (Winter 2007)
Our First District Judge and the Civil War
by David J. Gass

Volume 5 Issue 3 (Fall 2007)
A River of Litigation
by Michael A. MacDoald

Volume 5 Issue 2 (Summer 2007)
"Perkins v. Sperry" and the Grand Rapids Attorney who Cross-examined General Billy Mitchell
by James A. Mitchell
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Volume 5 Issue 1 (Winter 2007)
Honorable Wendell A. Miles: Soldier, Prosecutor, Professor, Court Historian, and Judge Extraordinaire
by Patrick E. Mears

Volume 4 Issue 2 (Summer 2006)
Of Congressional Witch-Hunts in Academia: The Case of "United States of America v Horae Chandler Davis"
by Patrick E. Mears

Volume 4 Issue 1 (Winter 2006)
Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Dinner for Hillman Advocacy Program held on January 18, 2006

Volume 3 Issue 2 (Spring 2005)
Diamond Reo's Legacy
by Mark Alan Latterman
***Memorial Issue: In Memory of Trustee Mark Latterman, 1941-2004

Volume 3 Issue 1 (Winter 2005)
History and the Practice of Law: a Review of the Past to Look at the Future
by Stephen C. Bransdorfer

Volume 2 Issue 2 (Fall 2004)
On the Road to Watergate: The Criminal Prosecution of Senator Truman H. Newberry
By Patrick E. Mears

Volume 2 Issue 1 (Summer 2004)
The Taxing Journey of the Daniel Ball
by Michael W. Puerner

Volume 1 Issue 3 (Fall 2003)
A "Flakey" Patent Case

Volume 1 Issue 2 (Spring 2003)
Remembering The Bankruptcy Judges
by James D. Gregg, Chief Judge
United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Michigan

Volume 1 Issue 1 (Winter 2003)
The Catcher, "The Quick Lunch King" and Baseball's Reserve Clause: Major League Litigation in Grand Rapids
by Patgrick E. Mears